My name is Evert,

and instead of posting a ‘first blog post,’ I wanted to share why I’m starting this new site.

To sum it up, I want to share my experiences with a wider audience.

I’ve been making a living with photography for the past five years (I’m 24) with photojournalism, sport and editorial my primary work. But I feel I don’t get a chance to share as much of it as I would like. So that brings me to this new website.

I’ve created this site as a way of restarting my intentions with a personal blog featuring my photos and thoughts.

My online presence.

(Let me first say that to know who I am, you should actually meet me rather than getting an impression off what you can find online.)

The first webpage I had was a profile around 5th grade.

I thought it was the coolest thing to be able to have a site to myself where I could add music, photos or whatever I wanted.

After that it was MySpace, which I didn’t really get into since I figured it was more musician based. I got my Facebook profile in 2005 and became obsessed with posting photo galleries and tagging everyone I knew in it that also had a profile. Since then I’ve done a fairly good job keeping up with social media trends.

Right now I primarily use Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I have profiles for Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Tumlbr, 500px, and probably 10 other ones I can’t think of right now and rarely use.

What I’m trying to say is I have been consistent with keeping up on what profiles people are using, but as far as actually adding content to those accounts…eh, I could improve.

Finally is my website, . I use this as my photography portfolio and to show my feeds from my Tumblr and Instagram accounts. Beyond that, it could also use an update.


So, now what?

Hard to say. I have great ambition to be more connected in showing work and using online platforms to do so, but being consistent is going to be a struggle. I really enjoy everything photography so even if I don’t have new photos to show, I’m going to try to post something anyways. We’ll see how this goes.